The Centre

Welcome to Dhamma Mandala

Dhamma Mandala Vipassana Meditation Centre is located in outskirts of Mandalay, close to Yaytagun Hill, about 10 miles away from Mandalay. Dhamma Mandala was opened in April 2004 .

The opening ceremony on 21 April was attended by most senior monks from Mandalay, and the first 10-day course was held on 24 April for 101 monks from various parts of Myanmar.

The accommodation block consists of 15 individual bungalows (for both male and female), each one has 4 rooms with ensuite bathroom. There is also a separate dormitory consisting of 8 partitions, each with its own attached bathroom.

The centre consists of about eight acres of land and the Dhamma Hall can accommodate up to 160 students. There is also a pagoda with up to 80 individual meditation cells.